Funny, usually polite and quiet,like a real gentleman, good with the ladies, cute, and good looking, and means fame.
thats "YASH"
"YASH" is very yash
by man on earth April 17, 2009
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The bestest friend anyone could ever ask for,He is extremely talented.
by GurpreetSinghGS January 10, 2018
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Yash is guy who is good in nature,but people think that he have ego but yash does not care about that type of peoples but he alway help pepole who are in need. ❤
My name is yash and i can't give example of mine 😂 ❤
by DÈMØÑ | ❤ June 7, 2019
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Nice guy, cares for his friend, has gone through a lot in life, loves the people that care.
Ruchika- Here comes Yash! Sup?
Sachi- Sup Yash?
by Sonziiboo December 15, 2011
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it is a quiet name of god Shankar. It also means fame.
by Yash November 20, 2003
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A boy or a man (usually a man) with the sexual prowess of a lion and the durability of a fucking jackrabbit. Great affinity of pleasuring women multiple times orally and penis-ally. Possesses superior intelligence and smartness, therefore easily attracting the opposite sex (vaginas). Also, more often than not, he's got the look.
Gisele: "Oh my god, he made me orgasm like 28 times last night and lasted for a whole 11 hours."
Heidi: "Wow you just got yourself a Yash, bitch!"
by Sampoornavruksh July 5, 2010
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That was so Yash
by NYClove May 24, 2017
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