A person obsessed with all things yarn. They always have something yarn related on them. They are usually multi-craftual. (Knit, Crochet, Weave) With interest more in the yarn itself verse what is made with it. They often hoard yarn that is very expensive just because they like the yarn.
A yarnie knows the fiber content of all 300 hanks of yarn in their stash.
by Humble Acres October 8, 2019
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Gives off a grubby vibe and gets offended easily; is weak and shrill
I hate Catherine she’s so yarny; I can’t believe how bad her sweater smelled.
by Lex4803 October 23, 2018
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a legendary dog who has extreme attitude problems at most and has a speaxh impediment. Most likely to bite you at random times or bully your cat.
Guy: yarnis stop it!
yarnis: no fanks
by Yarnis October 2, 2018
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An online, distraction free, creative writing web application that lets you write from any computer without having to worry about saving and transferring your files. Debuted just before 2011's National Novel Writing Month.
"Damn, my Word crashed again and I lost all my writing."
"Sucks. You should've used Yarny - it autosaves and is stored online."
by Online Writer January 24, 2012
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A beautiful girl. She can be mean at time but for the most part she is kind,nice,smart,pretty.she is slim thick,her attitude is bad ass,don't come at her the wrong way or you will get hurt.She loves love she likes to be in a relationship
Yarni is mean and nice get like her
by lhiygiufohbhvyghbfwryt49 April 3, 2019
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That guy you know, really cool and funny but got weird friends so he's not as appealing. plus most hate him because he speaks his mind and dicks about, a lot. Probably into everything that most people hate. Not a hipster but thats just the way he is. He is a complete douche.
That guy is such a yarni, prick!
by jonthepriest June 24, 2014
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1. john (greek)
2. a term yelled out at unexpected year 8's to scare them away.
Group of year 9's: YARNIE!!!!!
Year 8 kid: aaargghhh!!!
by red balls March 21, 2005
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