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1. The second year of secondary school.

2. teeny-bopper kids who think they're cool just cause they're not in year 7 anymore

3. Where most of the bullying happens
"I hate Year 8s."
by a year ten August 22, 2008
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Arguably the most annoying grade in any Australian high school. Think they're the boss, when in actual fact, everybody except Year 7s laugh at them.

The guys are widely known to muck up in school. Teachers hate year 8s, mainly because of the fact they think they're the boss and disobey teachers and write on desks.

If there's any graffiti in the bathrooms, chances are it was done by a year 8. Groups of these little shits go into the bathrooms at lunch and write their tags everywhere. Pictures of these tags are sometimes even uploaded to facebook, to show other year 8s.

The girls are obsessed with whatever the latest trend for 14 year old girls is. Currently it's one direction but in the past it has been justin bieber, twilight and high school musical. They worship these things, including pointless facebook statusses telling everyone how much they are in love with them.

Some year 8 girls are sluts. The most laughable ones are the ones who hit on and try to get with senior guys (ie, year 11 and 12). OCCASIONALY these girls may get senior boyfriends, but they tend to be the guys on the chess team who play Magic the gathering in the library. Of course the year 8 girls don't care about any of this, they are happy just to brag to their friends that they have a senior as a boyfriend.

The year 8 girls whose heads aren't in the clouds tend to go for year 8 or 9 guys, but their relationships rarely last. A year 8 relationship lasting more than a month is VERY rare.
Example 1:

Year 8 slut: Your really cute, we should so go out sometime!

Year 11 nerd: OMG YES YOUR SO HOT!!

Example 2:

Year 8 guy 1: Let's go do our sick tags in the bathroom!
Year 8 guy 2: Yeah, mine's "SUCK MY DICK", what's yours?
by knutsmasher April 10, 2012
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Kids at the age of 12-13 who are in their second year of secondary school.

Year 8 is where you will find all the chavs and roadmen.
Year 8's tend to muck about in lesson, gob off to older years and disrespect teachers. They think they are cool just because they are not the youngest anymore. But in the end, they just get laughed at by older years.
They also walk round school in massive groups and walk very slowly in the corridors. You're screwed if you encounter a group of year 8's in the school corridors, as you can't ask them to move because they will instantly start on you
Example 1:
*A bunch of year 8's walking down the corridor*
Year 10 girl: Can i get past pls?
Year 8: U WOT M8
Example 2:
Year 8: Ay, little kid. Did you hear about the clown that was in the school?
Year 7: There was a clown in this school?! Sick! Ima go tell all my m8s *Year 7 runs off*
Year 8: Lmao dumbass year 7's will believe anything
Example 3:
Year 8#1: Awh m8 year 8's gunna be sickk
Year8#2: Yeh we can finally do whatever we want since we're not the babies anymore!!
by CJP0133 July 28, 2017
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