You know, y'know

To affirm something even if you are not sure. To make someone come around to your way of thinking.

Generally said at the end of a sentence
'That guy is so not hot'

'Nah, he's not bad yanoe'


'I'm really feeling wet-look leggings yanoe'
by urbandecay66 April 13, 2009
Yanos is a shortened word for amapiano, which is a musical genre that originates in South Africa. It is a sub-constituent of house music genre that is characterized by a hybrid of deep house, jazz, and lounge music. It is easily distinguishable by synths, airy pads, and wide basslines.
Jamming the latest yanos really made our road trip memorable.
by Guluva November 11, 2020
yano = ya know, ya kno, you know, u no etc....
dewd #1: I met diss anime chix n she had liek one peniz i was liek "omfgwtf?", yano.
dewd #2: yano....then y teh hell did u date her u faeg....
dewd #1: im no faeg :
dewd #3: rofl kthx pwned
by OMFGWTFUX@URMOM November 17, 2004
a 1337 little elf dude that tells stories if u press his belly....extra story cartriges sold seperately
" my belly and I will tell you a story!!!"
by jewtastic January 9, 2004
A badass mother fucker who gets all of the chicks and will crush anyone in his way.
Yanos is just that badass guy that you work with or go to school with.
by One BAMOFO December 18, 2013
A disgusting and disturbing...ahhh...little sex machine that rapes little kids when they fall asleep; snuffles some truffles in the middle of the night. ass is looser; damn yano...
by Joe April 9, 2004
someone who is a little thot - tell em YANO bitch
by buttbugget222 May 30, 2018