scenester one: fuck m8 this deep house sounds like god.
scenester two: my jeans are so tight they live in my fanny
scenester one: how irrelevant
by the truth saya October 18, 2010
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adjective; deep·er-house, deep·est-house

1) To show something in a positive manner that has no correlation to the genre 'Deep House'

2) To define something that is inherently 'hipster' yet not taken over by the mainstream idea of hipsters.
1EX: "Getting these free tickets to see the football game is so deep house."

2EX: "I can't believe he showed up here wearing a gold chain, Adidas trackies and a mishka top, that is so deep house."
by Cbowmcdizle September 26, 2013
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The greatest fucking day of the week. Only the deepest of house music can be played on this day. From before sunrise, to long after sunset, house music will be exclusively played everywhere.
by Another frat guy September 17, 2020
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A subgenre of house music that requires massive amounts of drugs to be perceived as "good music"
Want to go to this deep house music concert?

Hold on let me buy an 1/8 of shrooms first.
by skid mark steve December 30, 2016
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Deep throat house music is - When the beat drops hard, heavily eletronic , usually not too many lyrics, lyrics are often repeated, lots of "ohh yeahs" and "oh god" ...
Is this house music?
Nah hear than beat drop, that's deep throat house music !
by Wesnjbag October 12, 2015
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