Simply a Yank that's also a Wanker!!
This American guy kept asking obvious questions in the lecture, the lecture took an extra 15 mins! What a fucking yanker!!
by Tom... September 25, 2006
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A hybrid of the term yankee - as in an American citizen - and the British word wanker - literally means to masturbate but more commonly used as an insult to refer to anothers stupidity; it is almost akin to using the word 'cunt' but in a more socially acceptable manor that does not offend all.
He constantly called the girl a limey whore. She called him a yanker.
by spagnolameronald September 10, 2009
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Someone who uses american words and phrases, despite being english. Usually to try and sound more 'street', but often just from watching too much MTV Base.
A yanker gets off a plane and calls his friend:

He says: S'up man? I just got off the airplane, my ride's in row zee of the parking lot.

He means: Alright mate? I just got off the aeroplane, my lift's waiting in row zed in the car park.
by Danny Mellins March 30, 2006
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A mixture of the words yacht and wanker as in yacht-wanker. It describes all people who sail a yacht and look like total douchebags while doing so. Generally refers to those sailors who think they are better than you.
Reg: Aw would you look at that beauty of a yacht there!!
John: But look at the people on board waving to us like the queen of england. God, what Yankers.
by Yankerenthusiast August 25, 2011
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1. A word used to describe someone who uses steroids illigaly.

2. Some one who is very overpayed/gets to much credit.

3. A complete dumbass

4. some one who is overly sensitive and tends to cry about small matters.

5. Some one who cannot not win at anything.

6. Used to discribe some one that chokes alot.

7. Anyone who supports the Yankees
7. Dude check out that new kid. He is such a yanker.

1. Carrot Top has turned into a complete Yanker. Look at the Size of him.

2. A-Fruad is such a Yanker

3. All Yankee fans are Yankers
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I wouldn't worry about him; he is a total Yanker.
by caerney July 27, 2006
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Yanker is the word given to a Yankie who is quite a big wanker
i use to play an online RPG called Star Wars Galaxies, in this there were many cocky idiots, among them a character called Emrick , my last conversation with him is as follows.

Emrick: your such a dick, you brits dont know how to play games without cheating.

Me: cry more noob, learn to play and stop being butt hurt and complaining to me bcos i dont actually care.

Emrick: your gonna care when i come to your house and bat you.

Me: ok go for it, if you dare come ill pay for your return ticket to america and your hospital treatment, yanker.

---------------NO RESPONSE-----------------
by NASHIN October 26, 2009
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