An alternative term for "Nazi", derived from A) a need to rhyme and B) bypass YouTube's over-sensitive-and-yet-very-user-insensitive censorship algorithm; in short, a "smart-ass" method of duping an unfair and unjust system. Forget the dice-and-paper game (in fact, given the state of Dungeons & Dragons, forget all dice-and-paper games), we are a society besieged by fucking Yahtzees.
A: Yahtzees. I hate these guys.
by Neophyte Ronin November 26, 2020
An exclamation used after having thrown something high into the air above a group of people, (Which may or may not include yourself) that would inflict decent pain upon landing if it should hit someone, with the purpose of making said group panic, for your entertainment.
(Joe is holding many large rocks and walks up to a group of people.)
Joe: Hey guys!
(This draws the damn fools' attentions. Joe tosses the rocks high into the air directly above the group of people.)
Joe (simultaneously with throwing the rocks): YAHTZEE!
(The group splits immediately, each former member sprinting in a different direction, all panicking. Joe is pleased by this.)
by DENIAL ACCEPTED August 5, 2012
A word that your partner would yell if someone is coming, in the act of a "panty raid"
Yahtzee! Run she's coming up the stairs!
by insain in the membrain March 20, 2013
When you rip all the vapes in one room at the same time.
Yo, can I get a yahtzee? I'm trying to get put on my ass.
by LimGrin December 14, 2017