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A good mexican friend with a great personality and cool to get along with. He backs up his friends whenever something goes wrong. Plays soccer, cooks some good ass tacos, and has a way with the girls. He is charming ,Good looking, and very hot. He's just perfect
Have you met Yahir He's so cool
by Dog lover888 May 23, 2016
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yahir is a fucking angel ok. this boy is fucking precious and absolutely adorable. he is an angel sent from heaven. if y’all have a yahir remember to take care of this angel ok. ( also this bitch cute af A HOTTIE OK 🥵)
by an angel February 23, 2019
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A boy named yahir is really funny a fun person to hangout thought at times he will get really annoying and once u date a yahir he will break up with u for no reason mostly cuz he's not a love type guy but a yahir is a really cute fun guy
Boy:dude that guy named yahir seems so fun
Boy 2:yea I wish I was in his squad
by Brynnzie May 28, 2018
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Yahir are the best in the bed they are cute and chill don’t ever get in his bad side cause you regret that they’ll be there for you no matter What .they are fine and chill the best in bed and they are smart
Yahir is good yahirs are chill
by Hrcht April 11, 2018
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An awesome Mexican that lives in a lonely place and a total bad ass. but due to Asians he is an Asian. and to some he is a crazy-sexy-asiacan-beast. and sometimes cute to both sexual persuasions
that dude reminds me of a Yahir
by yiro September 30, 2009
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A good friend with a great personality and funny when sober, but after a couple of drinks he turns into an asshole that you cant stand to be around. Starts making out with anyone, which means you have a chance!
Your acting like Yahir.....Stupid
by Jew_Bear June 18, 2010
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