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an amazing person who is hot,smart,funny and overall amazing better than his brother yoan and aleah
omg he is so yahir
by gdsvchdfsgvds gvs bkvgfd September 24, 2020
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yahir is so stupid he needs to stfu but he has good humor..
by shut up <3 June 18, 2021
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Is the worst friend ever , is not loyal, is a bitch,is ugly,sometimes funny,annoyimg sometimes, if u ever meet him ,RUN AWAY !!! I warn you . 😁
kayla-is that yahir
shannell-yeah hes a bitch
kayla-he looks like one
shannell-starts laughing
by sksnaknwkssnks August 1, 2019
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A boy with a bowl haircut and he looks like Mr.OHare. He also likes to play Minecraft, a lot.
Bruh you are such a Yahir Linares you are playing the Lorax as Mr.OHare in Minecraft.
by AnonymousBoi May 21, 2019
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