Microscopic penis, has no women and holds the world record for smallest dick.
Bruhhh is you a Yahir?

They ain’t fuck if you yahir.
by TheNiga445 October 18, 2018
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yahir is a fucking angel ok. this boy is fucking precious and absolutely adorable. he is an angel sent from heaven. if y’all have a yahir remember to take care of this angel ok. ( also this bitch cute af A HOTTIE OK 🥵)
by an angel February 23, 2019
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yahir is a quiet person but once he finds comfort in you, he will show his goofy side. if you get on his bad side, be careful foo. yahir is a heartbreaker, dont get too attached to him. he can be a good person but stay alert. he has the face of an angel, but the heart of a devil.
ay wey yahir's that one blak chingon motherfucker.
by shirley castro💞 February 25, 2020
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Yahir Effect: Definition a person who is trying to get a girl but is gonna make friends with her first but ends up waiting too long and the girls gets an other man
-hey bro have you gotten that girl yet
- no i waited too long now she got a man

-oh man YAHIR EFFECT again
by Iamcopman December 16, 2019
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It's when a man person thing called Yahir is out there making moves and doing stuff
"Yk Yahir?"
-"Yea he be doin Yahir tingz"
by Mitymity September 6, 2022
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