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yahir with a grey sweater is Our lord. an all powerful, voluptuous, shmexy, and illegal being. He is the one above all races, he is the savior he is the next Jesus Christ. NO he is even greater he is one that can shall call his equal. he is
person 1: Vamos a ofrecer nuestras nueces al santuario de yahir con un sueter gris
person 2: the fuck you just say, im sorry i dont speak retard
person 1:we shall offer our nuts to the yahir with a grey sweater sanctuary
by obesekid69 March 19, 2019
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Damn, have you seen Yahir lately, he's such a ZAZA boy
by OctavioHazNoB1txlles August 31, 2022
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Yahir is a mexican boy with a nice personality. Yahir is an amazing person with a big heart. He likes to play soccer and talk to those he loves. He is a really funny guy who can genuinely make you laugh by the things he says , and the stupid things he does. Yes he may have made a few quite mistakes, but he admits when he is wrong and tries to get everything back to how it was.. if not even better. Yahir makes a great boyfriend. He will check up on you and your mother would love him. He is always worrying on you and only you. You would be the center of his attention and he would just try to make the best out if anything. Not only does he make a good parter, but also a great best friend. He will understand and comprehend you. He owns up to his mistakes and takes blame for them, and he will always try to make you happy. He will always show his emotions and yet would understand your view. Overall Yahir is a good person you should really try to find.
Don’t you know Yahir? He is amazing.
by biddickryan November 23, 2021
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yahir is fine asf and has to be born in texas if he wasn’t born in texas then he isn’t a tackuache yahir also has a big cock and is good in bed not only is he good in bed but he also has a baby and loving side once u meet that side of him y’all will fs be 4lifers yahir is such an amazing friend/ bf you NEED a yahir in your life
omg i heard the new kid has a big dick he has to be a yahir
by i love peina February 3, 2022
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yahir is so fine and cute asf every yahir has to be born in Texas if they aren’t they a fake yahir and aren’t tackuaches.yahir is an amazing person in bed and has a cock sooooo big and when you get to his loving side he can become a baby but truly love you. yahir will stay with you forever and such an amazing friend/bf you should truly find a yahir in your life.
omg yahir is so fine ! i heard he got a big ass cock to and is good in bed 👀
by i love peina February 3, 2022
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