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YYS means yee yee school. That means. there’s a bbq every homecoming and once a year, the boys gather up and ride a tractor with a trailer hooked up on it and come to school.
i hate my YYS school.
by October 14, 2019
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A guy that has a big and enormous nappy that he has
Jack has a Big YY
by Bomomodickson November 30, 2017
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Acronym for "yeah, why?"
Laura texted David if he was busy right now. David replied with a "YY?"/
by Shvu Besheket September 18, 2018
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shorthand/abreviation for Yagami Yato
"hey have you heard the new yy audio? its everything to me"
by zaddy42 October 12, 2020
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acronym for "you must be pretty proud of yourself"
Sean: "I got an A on the test balla."
Jeremy: "YY"
by MarjoryStewartBaxter July 24, 2005
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yes, i am very sorry
Carlo: "Yes, I will try to better myself and am indeed very sorryy."
by lily delacroix January 6, 2020
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Imitated or copied.

Chinese knock offs that steal your IP almost exactly.
You’re not legit till you get YYed.
by Workinlocal July 14, 2018
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