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You only zing once. From the movie Hotel Transylvania, used between the vampire Mavis and the human Jonathan. Used to mean that you only fall in love with that one person who just perfect for you once.
Girlfriend: "I'm so glad we're in love. We're so lucky. We're perfect for each other!"

Boyfriend: "I know, right? After all, YOZO!"
by TheProphecy February 09, 2013
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You Only Zombie Once. Same as YOLO except once you get bit a zombie there's no going back so might as well live it up before you turn into a flesh eating crazy person!
"Yo do you want to go out and get crazy drunk and dance till you fall over?"


"Dude i think that crazy girl is into you. Dare you to ask her out."

by Madrabid November 01, 2012
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Same As A Yo-Yo but used With A Faggot called Yozo instead.
I Fucked Yozo In the Ass Today.
by Anonymous May 22, 2003
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