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-Your Obviously Tripping' Every Day

Yoted is used when a person does or say something out of the ordinary. Something that over exaggerates trippin
*A friend of yours and you are at the bus stop*

Friend: Hey, I can see the bus lets go!

*You look to see if it's actually true*
You: dude that's not the bus, it's just a huge white truck. #YOTED bro lmao.

P.S: this can be used in multiple ways and everyone can get creative with it.
by Momo the Boss August 17, 2012
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Ok ok hear me out: there's "yeet," and then "yote" is the past tense of "yeet" (to have yeeted)-- so what does that make "Yoted"??? "Yeet-eeted"?!?!?
Person 1: Ahhh shit man, that dude livin down the street yoted me the other day!
Person 2: tf??? what the hell does that mean?
Person 1: the man YEETEETED me.
Person 2: ???
by Yodel-Ay-Yodel-Ay-YEET-YOTE November 21, 2017
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the past tense of yeet, originating from a deep-fried meme.
source: reddit DeepFriedMemes/comments/7vk8ox/lsg/
The past tense of yeet

(highly compressed Garfield 3d model, t posed, laser eyes, recorder arms)

Is yΓ–ted πŸ˜‚
by FlashlightMemelord March 03, 2018
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