Yogurt Mountain

The best place to hangout for pennies when everything else is closed.
Hey, ya wanna go to Yomo?
by flagella1 July 29, 2011
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Short for Your mum or ya mum or yo mumma
Yo mo is so fat she can't even fit in this joke

Bob: Who you guys talkin about
Everyone: Yo mo,,,,(douche bag)
by Mitchell Locke June 29, 2009
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Saying yo to someone called mohammed (mo), also a Digital Creations Company @yomo.oo on instagram.
by yomo.official February 17, 2020
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You Only Miss Out
YOMO is the opposite of FOLO
by furous June 21, 2016
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A fat fuck who basically humps every non living object until he cums and is yet somehow your best friend .
He's being such a yomo
by Lolpalloza February 25, 2020
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