Abbreviation for:
Fear Of Losing Out foh-loh
1. Fear Of Losing Out (used to show concern about being overlooked at social events): I can't believe I have to study over halloween, major FOLO!

verb (used without object)
2. Attempt to make up for not being at a party by stalking the event via social media platforms: Of course I know what happened. I've been FOLOing all night.
by howwonderfoo October 28, 2013
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Fear of Losing out -- when you own a coin (cryptocurrency such as BTC) and you should probably sell it but you are afraid to because you're sure it will immediately start to increase as soon as you do.
I want to sell my BTC for ETH but I fear the FOLO.
by cryptk33pr January 13, 2018
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Folo is a ship name that Star Wars roleplayers on Quotev use for two characters- Kylo Ren and Force Valentine(an Original Character)
That Folo ship is so cute!
by HanSolo4123 May 18, 2016
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Literally meaning a fake polo shirt. Folos include any collared polo shirt that has some wack ass animal or object on it instead of the original horse.
Because Jon was short on loot, he invested in a few folos at the local convenience store hoping that nobody would notice the difference.
by Snocap September 26, 2006
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Guy 1 tweets: I'm gonna parkour my way out of this shit. #yolo

Random Guy on street: Stop clowning around. #folo
by popeheartsadi May 8, 2012
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Fear Of Living Once
I don't have any FOLO, I am a Buddhist
by furous June 21, 2016
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