Used in the New Jersey and New York area. It is a greeting to friends. Usually when it is said, others scream it back louder.
you: "YERRRRR"
friend: "YERRRRRRR"
by Spongeboop July 30, 2018
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A word used to greet people instead of saying “ayo”, or “hey” Founded in New York.

Also used for “yes”, and tends to have a ode amount of R’s, ode has in a excessive amount.

The Harlem borough used this term has in a sign that your about to get “lined” ( jumped ) reasons could be that a gang member is trying to prove his statues.
*facetime call goes through* “YERRRR, wyd ?”
“Shaun you got the free?”, he would reply with “yerrrr” if no ones home!

Gang member ”, YERRRR”.
Random guy : “starts running”.
by NYkid718🥵. June 7, 2019
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A word yelled to get somebodys attention, usually a girl walkin down the street.
(sees a chick walkin down tha street)
(walks up to her and starps rappin to herin an atempt to get laid)
by tec September 9, 2003
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Has it's origins in new york. Means "you heard" and is being use like "you know what i'm saying"
My bitch gave me some head today yerrr
by Champagneboy June 19, 2018
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yerrr whats good bro.

yerrr u tryna play 2k
by anonymous destroyer November 20, 2020
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Something you say to acknowledge someone or agree with them.
Yerrr that switch heelflip was mad clean
by elmanualking September 23, 2020
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