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Abbreviation for Ya Dun Kno, or sometimes just Dun Kno/Dunnoe.

London rudeboy talk which basically means "I agree with your sentiment and support it".
by Ghefly January 07, 2011
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young dumb kid(s)
Punk ass teens (usually from upper-middleclass families)that
a. are spoiled as fuck (cuz mommy and/or daddy think material things=love, and forego actually spending time with their kids in lieu of Multithousand dollar Cruises or ski trips to Aspen)
b. Are bored, so they create recreation through utilization of booze, exstacy or, when desperate and really bored, mom's Klonopin.
c. Have not, and probably never will -that is until they are out of college) have a job, hence lack of work ethic...
d....and cluelessness when they cant figure out why daddy's money couldnt get them good grades at the IVY LEAGUS school they were attanding.... they end up barely pulling c's at a State Colege (nothing wrong with that..that is where I went...but then again, I grew up middle/working class)
That asshole who keeps tailgating me in his Mom's Lexus SUV is such a ydk.I hope he busts a tire.
by kerilynn November 03, 2007
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