Jamaican patios; slang meaning "of course" or "I know"
Q: Yo, you comin' to tha party tonight

A: Yea man, u dun kno!
by Angelene April 22, 2008
forsure, agreein wit sumtin.
"dun kno C'sz UP"

"dem bloodsz are bitchesz".."dun kno"
by LocMamii April 9, 2006
Slurry way of saying "don't know". People either say it like that when they're feeling to lazy to speak properly or don't want to speak at all.
Another reason is because they think it's cool to use slang and miss-pronounce everything.
Example 1

Peter: "Yo comin' to da party ta-night?!"

Jase: " Dun kno mann,think imma be somewhier!"

Example 2

Hailey: "Hey, do you know where I put my keys? I had them just a-"

Carlos: "Dun know..(walks away)"
by nunyobussiness July 27, 2011
When you rub someone’s nipples on an escalator without warning
I just woke up then quickly went to tha mall g dun kno
by Hepatitis September 24, 2018