usually followed up by a roast like YA MOM gay but this can be prevented by having an uno reverse card or saying no u to your opponent
by uno and only juan March 25, 2019
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An insult used at the end of a statement to discourage your opponent
BILL - "Peggy, Gretchen, and I had a wonderful time last night."

SOME NIGGA - "Me and "ya mom" had a wonderful time last night"
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Ya MOMS can be an answer for any place you go. Where you at? Where you going?
Where are yall going to eat? Ya MOMS

Where are we meeting at tonight? Ya MOMS
by JWin502 November 10, 2018
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Usually used by townies, and common tramps called 'chantel' or 'kev' when they cant think of anything else to say!
Chantel:shurrup you
Kev:yea and ya mom!
by siobhanjones December 2, 2004
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when someone says something but you don't feel like doing anything
person 1: Let's get some food.
person 2: nahh, ya mom
by le anonimusch May 1, 2020
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