Grey-haired and patently insane Rokkaku Police captain in JSRF. Never gets to eat breakfast, because of those meddling GGs. Has a penchant for attacking and trying to kill teenage graffiti artists and sometimes his own subordinates (often for such cardinal sins as bringing him the wrong flavour of sweet).

Fond of sending in all the tanks, trashing patrol cars, using highly experimental terror drones, wildly aiming his pistol at invisible targets, mint candy, and eating breakfast, a very rare activity in the Hayashi household.
"Hey, you little punk!" - catchphrase

"This is Hayashi. Send in ALL the tanks!" - example of management style

"Wahahahaha... kill... them... ALL! Ahahahahahaha!" - Hayashi during one of his more psychotic moments

"One of his subordinates went to get him his favourite mint candy, and came back with coffee-flavoured instead" - an example of a situation in which Hayashi is liable to trash patrol cars
by Matt Windsor November 8, 2008
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Hell if I know. I think it's asian.
Hayashi? Sounds kind of sexy.
by KevinH May 5, 2005
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He's a really good guy. This devin is a well done man, meaning he knows what he wants to do with his life. He loves sports and is very competitive. Honestly he is a one of a kind. There are none like him.
by bobbyjay16 February 13, 2018
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