Commonly denoted scientific way of describing a male's sex chromosomes.
Males are X&Y,
Females are XX
and there's all kinds of other crap in between
by DogE March 7, 2006
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Best Coldplay Cd to date!
X&Y is better than any coldplay cd.

"..Well thats where I belong and you belong with me, like swallowed in the sea.." - 11. Swallowed in the Sea. X&Y
by Coldplay Rocks June 22, 2005
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The name of Coldplay's forthcoming album, which will undoubtedly be massive.
'X & Y' - a combination of oldplay and boldplay
by max May 16, 2005
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The eagerly-anticipated third studio album by the (in my opinion) greatest band ever, Coldplay. The first single "Speed of Sound" will be released on May 23rd, 2005, while the album itself drops on June 6th, 2005.
I'm planning on camping out outside of Fred's Record's on June 6th to get X&Y.
by strong badian April 11, 2005
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Another way of saying Shite, boring, wanky, bollock ridden, cunt flap of a toe nail chewing monkey cum dribble of an album!
Chico's album is X&Y
by Laurence joseph May 3, 2006
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an "algebraic format that *channers use to express their feelings towards something".
by Moomoomoo1 July 11, 2008
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Xamine Your Zipper! This is pertaining to the zipper on ones pants.
pete: yo man X Y Z!
steve: o shit my fly is open.
by H-dizzle March 29, 2007
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