June 6th is the day when the most beautiful human being with the most beautiful vocals was born.
It's Full sun's birthday; the day Lee Donghyuck from NCT came to this world to brighten up our lives.
Dear Donghyuck, June 6th now has a meaning to me.

Thank you for existing.

Your Sunflower.
by Haechan's Sunflower October 15, 2019
Hey its June 6th. No its the best day of the year
by Nickel fam October 17, 2019
This is the day when whoever is born on this damn should get unlimited sex for 24 hours str8...
Me:Her babe let’s go do something in the bedroom
Her: what’s today’s date?
Me:It’s my birthday duh

Her: It’s June 6th?! When I get in that room yo dick better be out!!
by Big duck Greg October 16, 2019
the only prettiest, talented, brilliant, smartest people are born on this day.
"Have you seen Jessica? She is so popular, I wonder how she does it all..."
"That's because she was born on June 6th."
"Oh makes sense.. I wish I was born on June 6th!"
by June6thFlora August 9, 2021
Person: i rlly like this person..
Person2: ask them out, Its June 6th! national ask out ur crush day
Person:OK i will, thanks person2!
by imgaysheeshhhhhh June 5, 2021
June 6th is the day, in which you are able for 12 hours to slay all the thots. On this day, all thot suffering is legal, torture, assassination, milk before cereal, etc. Once the time is up, thots will flourish for another generation of thottery. Everytime in a life-time, you'll experience National Thot-Slayer Day.
Red Lightsaber Guy(RLG): '' finally, it's the day.. ''
Random Dude(RD): '' what day? ''
RLG: '' June 6th.. ''
RLG: '' yes.. ''
RLG+RD: '' time to exterminate, JANET!! ''
by utk_ktu May 13, 2020
International go see your mans tell him show him what you feel don't be a coward you can do it because its in your heart and it is the sweetest most empowering thing ever Day
June 6th is the day i will ask you to be mine.
No need to be afraid. I don't mean to take away i mean to give as much as you wish.
by fine listener May 6, 2019