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"Original" or "fundamental law", the Germanic/North European concept of the principles governing the universe. Orlog includes both physical and moral laws, and encompasses such things as gravity, relativity and cause-and-effect. The term "orlog" may also be used in reference to the general purpose of a person's life, in which case it is similar to the concepts of both destiny and avocation.
"The orlog of Jupiter is to orbit the Sun."
by Aelswyth Alansdohter June 22, 2007
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The web of cause-and-effect that permeates the universe. The Germanic/North European equivalent of karma. Not to be understood as an externally-controlling fate but rather as the natural consequences of one's own actions; each person shapes their own wyrd. There are also family wyrd and national wyrd, which are shaped by the actions of the group as a whole. Wyrd, therefore, does not control our lives, it just responds to our own actions according to orlog, the fundamental law that governs the workings of our world.
"This is my wyrd, woven from the threads I have provided by my past thoughts and actions; I myself have designed the unfolding pattern of my life."
by Aelswyth Alansdohter June 22, 2007
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