Way Too Many. Its a world known cannabis and alcohol website and community.

Meaning 2:

Huge amount of weed or beer.
Yo M. What's crackin ?

Yo D. Just beatin the shit out of WTM forums.
by AntisLT June 29, 2010
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What the monkey- another expression used for when you're excited or shocked or pissed and angry
you just walked 1 mile to the gym. "We're sorry, your membership is canceled, you cannot come in". ...."WTM!!!!!!!!"
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Wtm, meaning want to match, is a text acronym that you use when asking someone if they want to put half and half of the dank in a bowl or blunt (or any smoking device).
Stoner1: Yo
Stoner2: Hey
Stoner1: wtm
Stoner2: Yea BET
via giphy
by Sneepar December 16, 2017
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a little bitch fit thrown by men. The eqivalent to a womans PMS. AKA a whiney little faggot
WOW man dont have a wtm your being a little bitch right now
by yoyouyoyoyoyo October 26, 2010
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girl 1: do you like the new britney spears song?
girl 2: nah that's wtm for me.
by antelope101 March 08, 2011
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what the masturbate.
a play on wtf (what the fuck)
usually used in place of wtf.
but can be for any variety of words.
Dude: "Hey bud! Do you like my new shirt?"
Dude #2: "WTM! Dude why did you buy that? It's fugly."
by Kale H September 05, 2007
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