Bisexual vampire uses it in a taunting manner to kill a buff man with a road roller and his son uses it as a war cry to display his hatred towards a man who makes mouldy chocolate.
Dio: Die Jotaro! WRYYYYY!!
Giorno: Fuck you asshole you ruined chocolate pudding for me! WRYYYYYAAAAAAA!!!
by Pimpleapps April 27, 2021
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Wry- A high pitched, blood curdling scream. Could be used in anger or a battle cry. Screamo bands have been known to welp out a wry and it is also popularized by the Hunter from Left 4 dead.
Person A: Dude, screw you, gtfo.
Person B: WRY!

Person A: WRY!!
Person B: Is someone there?!
by wrybread November 17, 2009
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by Axolotel August 12, 2021
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To declare something is clever or sly or a word used to compliment a thing that appeals to someone.
Noah is so wry, he fucked twelve different Jews at the same time.

The sky looked so wry today during the sunset.
by Sly Dugan March 23, 2015
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It's a piece of word that Dio Brando from an anime called "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" shouts all the time.

It's also a very popular meme on 4can. It first appeared in a flash film called "mudah.swf". This flash shows a stickman that throws a steamroller on another stickman and screams "WRYYYYY"
-Dio Brando <-- click on "THE WORLD" to see the example
by Happy Negro May 1, 2005
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wry is engrish for why which is why it is so damn funny
moments after Keichi-kun's lover was slaim her screamed "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?"
by HBomb187 February 25, 2005
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