This is a great phrase and you can use it a lot of ways.
A) As a reply to a stupid comment
B) As a reply to a comment you didn't listen to/didn't really care about anyways
C) As a reply to something stated that you would not even consider
a)Alex: Like OMG OMG!!! willam hung is like so cute and like i think hes gonna like ask me out OMG!... Jorden: WOW no.
b)Alex: guess who made a 100 on their test?!?!? MEEE!!!... Jorden: WOW no.
c)Alex: would you like to schedule a mammogram im not a doctor! Jorden: WOW no.
by JoRJoR June 25, 2005
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A lovingly playful way of calling a dog.
Look at that little wow wow playing with their toy.
by Love_rx October 30, 2020
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an expression you use when you're surprised or disappointed or sarcastic.
Child: I got 5% on my test

parent: WOW
by skinny mini May 23, 2019
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The most dangerous word a man can hear in an argument. One that means he has simultaneously lost the argument and his relationship.
Man "So this is all about you? I don't ever remember the last time we did something I wanted to do."
Woman "Wow"
Man "I'll have my stuff out tomorrow"
by andersna75 December 11, 2015
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a term used for sarcasm or if you don't like someone or something that someone says. or an expression of happiness.
"I hope I never lie to him"
"Wow, really?"

"Oh yea i'm going out with your boyfriend"

by TiffanyLeigh October 28, 2009
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