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An individual who only smokes weed when someone else has it. Basically a person who doesn't buy their own weed and mooches of you when you have it.
Kyle-"dude you think Tyler has any weed?"
Zach-"nah man, he's a social stoner. He only smokes whenever someone else has bud."
Kyle-"wow, what a mooch."
by All State 1B February 24, 2014
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Usually said when someone asks you a question that you really don't want to answer, but they won't leave you alone until you answer it. Usually you should say this when your little brother asks you a stupid question and it will cause him to leave you alone and ask your parents.
Little Bro- " Why do girls have cooties???
Me * precedes to browse twitter and facebook*
Little Bro- " I said, Why do girls have cooties!!!!"
Me " How would I know you spoiled piece of shit!!! Get the fuck outta here before I back hand your remedial ass!!"
by All State 1B June 23, 2013
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Usually said when someone goes on a long rant about something you don't care about and fails to bring up a valid point, anything worth merit, or a compelling argument. Also said when someone speaks mindless drivel. Usually will cause a complete dumbass to rage and just give up.
dumbass " Ya man, I'm the greatest person to ever live. Sure I never went to college, made a fortune, helped out the less fortunate, not the best looking person, and have an IQ of 72, which is legally retarded and lower than Forrest Gump's, but I have the coolest wallet ever!!
Me " Your Point?"
Dumbass " Man fuck u man, you're just a hater and you're hating on my swag and success!! Quit being a player hater, even though I get no ass and live with my mom and I'm 40 and still a virgin.
by All State 1B June 24, 2013
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what your mom and sister are.
Me " dude i just totally had a threesome with your mom and sister. it was so fuckin awesome. they were so easy"

Bob " yeah i know. you should see my step sister. she's a super easy cum dumpster bro"

Me " what? no lie. ay yo, you gotta give me her number so i could have a foursome bro."
by All State 1B August 13, 2012
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