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Our great and almighty, the one and only, the whole enchilada, WOSH. He was born from the seven stars colliding in one amass of great spectral illusion. The impact awoke him from the reapening of the hearkens peak, such things can only be seen once a universe is born. Praise be, wheymen.
1: Yo did you see that spakin picture of our lord WOSH hanging in the ballroom?
2: Ye boy, sure did, praise be my wosha.
by PeanutButterWaffs March 18, 2019
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Wosh is the greatest nickname ever created no question. It has no actually meaning and is derived from nothing. Created by imaginative mastermind Bass it is played around that Wosh has a secret story that created the nickname when there actually is not one. That is why its so brilliant. Long live Wosh!
Hey what are you doing tonight?

Nothing...lets call Wosh he never does anything.

Nice Wosh
by wosh1040 July 29, 2009
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The wet sound made by sucking or swallowing.
Man, I hung out with that girl jordan and that wosh was top notch.
by Ucfjordan December 10, 2016
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The name given to a sculpture of a gray creature created in Russia. This word has no actual meaning and is only to be used when speaking of that sculpture.
β€œDid you see that edited picture of wosh?”
β€œYeah bro, I saw it, it’s all over reddit!”
by kylierainn October 03, 2019
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