In 99% of the cases you'll hear or read these words it's just hyperbole. The use of them can be attributed to:

a) fan rage;

b) 'cool' behaviour by virtue of being anonymous on the internet;

c) trollish behaviour (just wanting to stir up things);

d) Cries for attention by making bold statements.
a) "Ha ha, that Iron Man film really was the worst superhero movie ever man. so pathetic. You'll never beat TDK!"

b) "Seriously, you'd do Evangeline Lily? Wow...just wow. You've got the worst taste ever dude. I know tons of other chicks who are hotter than her."

c) "Hey aren't you a Lebron fan? Good god, he truly is the worst ever. He's never going to win a championship!"

d) - "Hmm, SNL wasn't that funny last night....

- " I know right? Worst episode I've ever seen!"
by Valmeijita May 20, 2010
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Worst. *Blank*. Ever. is a phrase originating from the Simpsons, first uttered by the nerdy Comic Book Guy.
by KingTT December 29, 2004
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It Rhymes with Mush, and you don't like it on women.

Oh, and..
The Canadian guy above me is a complete retard and needs to re-read his "history book". I'm a 9th grader in America, and just finished reading about the Civil War. Aberham Lincoln was in office when the Civil War began dumbass. And the Civil War wasn't something that killed thousands of Americans for no purpose, dumbass. It was to free, slaves and to re-unite the united states, dumbass. So before you start running your mouth, maybe you should re-read some of your books, a?
Worst President Ever
Iraq War
Economy...Need I Say More?
by Yeah...your retarted September 20, 2009
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a group of individuals that are "really good at playing games". they make funny video compilations to show how "good" they are at games. there are 4 main people on this group. one named Cath, one named Ellis, one named Alex, and one named Jake.
have you seen worst premade ever on twitch yet, they are the "best" at gaming.
by jordangaming1234567 October 22, 2020
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Trigeminal Neuralgia, a condition in which it feels very much as though one's face is simultaneous being jabbed with many needles and being crushed to a pulp while being ripped off along one (or if one's exceedingly unfortunate, both) sides while one's eyeballs are being pumped to the point of searing, throbbing explosion from behind and one's teeth on that side all seem to have advanced to a state of crumbly, black pulp-mangling decay.
Joanne (curled up in a fetal ball and clutching the right side of her face with twitching fingers): I can't stand it... it's the worst pain ever!

Ben: Worse than your last little girl?

Joanne: ... that pain didn't even register, compared to this.
by Haystack June 25, 2009
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This sensation is best experienced by using the following method:

For males:
1: Take one long, glass, drink-stirring rod
2: Insert drink-stirring rod into urethra
3: Smash penis repeatedly with mallet, book, fist or other hard object; causing the glass rod to shatter and impale your penis from the inside out.

For females:
1: Take one incandescent lightbulb
2: Insert bulb into vagina, anus, or both
3: Jump off small ledge in such a way that you land straddling a hard wooden structure, causing the lightbulb(s) to shatter inside of your vagina and/or anus.
Dave: "Ready Tom?"
Tom: "I really don't know about this...are you sure it'll make me cum harder than ever?"
Dave: "Yeah, something like that..." (Hits Tom's penis repeatedly with a box of ice cream sandwhiches).

Shelly: "Dave, are you sure this will make me cum for a solid 5 minutes?"
Dave: Yeah, something like that..." (Pushes Shelly off small ledge onto wooden A-frame).
Dave: "I'm a douchebag...I need a new hobby".
by Babies September 13, 2006
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