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Derived from the daytime TV Series 'Days of our lives'; this is the nickname that the character Bo Brady uses when speaking to Hope Williams. They are both part of a supercouple.
Hope: So do I look good in this dress?
Bo: Of course you do, Fancy Face.
by Valmeijita December 23, 2009
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Term applied to those who can only bash and deride the latest three Star Wars movies, in spite of any argument which may bring up some positive aspects.

It is somewhat comparable to the term geewun when speaking of transformers fans as it is all related to nostalgia and fans who can't stand change or modernization.
Todd: Let's watch a dvd tonight dude, if we've got nothing better to do.

Justin: Sure, I'll get Eddie to hang out too.

Todd: Aight. What'll we watch? Action? Horror? Sci fi?
Justin: Sci fi is good, just don't get a Star Wars flick man. Eddie is a rabid prequel hater.
by Valmeijita April 15, 2010
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A title for someone who's both an oral examiner and a therapist.

See also analrapist
Janet: So Steve, what do you do for a living?
Steve: Well, I'm an oralrapist. I just came back from a therapy session.
Janet: *drops jaw and backs away*
Steve: Yeah, it's a tough job alright. Those lengthy orals can be quite enduring, but the end results definitely make up for it if you catch my drift.
by Valmeijita April 14, 2009
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When you see a hot girl/guy who knows your friends but who is unknown to you, you ask them for a Booty Breakdown. Then they'll explain all the details.

Based on a segment from an Episode of Scrubs (My Turf War), when Turk gives the Booty Breakdown to JD, on one of Elliot's friends.
- "Whoa. I have to admit it guys, that girl is f*cking hot. I've never met her though, but you know her. Give me a Booty Breakdown on that chick, because I want to know all about her." -

- - "O-M-G, Katie. I've just met this guy....he would be perfect for you."
"Jessica, you know that I don't deal with men before I've heard the Booty Breakdown. Come on, spill it. What's he like?" - -
by Valmeijita May 6, 2008
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Quick pronunciation of the command 'Hand me'.
"Hamme the remote, Ima change the channel."

"Hamme the ball Jefferson, you're out of the game."
by Valmeijita November 25, 2009
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Taken from the 1992 film 'A league of their own', when Tom Hanks' character says it to own his female players who started to weep when she couldn't handle the criticism he had on her.

Outside of baseball, people replace the last word with their occupation (There's no crying in politics!///There's no crying in wrestling!///etc)

When someone says that to you, they actually want to say something like 'Be a man' or 'Don't be a pansy'.

A variant of the use was spotted on many websites, while commenting on Hillary Clinton's infamous speech in which she seemed to on the brink of crying.

* During the halftime of a baseball match *
COACH: 'ANDERSON! WTF where you doing out there!? Don't you have a f*cking brain or something? Not even a chimp hit the ball like that! Where you out of your f*cking mind? WHERE YOU??
ANDERSON: *starts to cry*
COACH: Oh come on, what the f*ck is this...
ANDERSON: *still crying* I'm sorry coach....I was stupid, I....*proceeds to cry even louder*
COACH: No! No, No, No! You stop that right now Anderson, do you hear me! THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!
by Valmeijita July 13, 2008
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In 99% of the cases you'll hear or read these words it's just hyperbole. The use of them can be attributed to:

a) fan rage;

b) 'cool' behaviour by virtue of being anonymous on the internet;

c) trollish behaviour (just wanting to stir up things);

d) Cries for attention by making bold statements.
a) "Ha ha, that Iron Man film really was the worst superhero movie ever man. so pathetic. You'll never beat TDK!"

b) "Seriously, you'd do Evangeline Lily? Wow...just wow. You've got the worst taste ever dude. I know tons of other chicks who are hotter than her."

c) "Hey aren't you a Lebron fan? Good god, he truly is the worst ever. He's never going to win a championship!"

d) - "Hmm, SNL wasn't that funny last night....

- " I know right? Worst episode I've ever seen!"
by Valmeijita May 20, 2010
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