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Pronounced eh-VAN-jə-leen or eh-VAN-jə-liyn, Evangeline loves you and is not ashamed of it. She's like an angel bringing good news and compliments. You're going to smile when you think of her and blush when you see her. Evangeline is a tall glass of water - not lemonade. Did I mention sexy? Yeah, no need. She is drop dead gorgeous straight through and doesn't know it, but she is proud and modest. Wise. Exotic, free and concerned. She loves. Evangeline lifts your spirit and puts you at ease. She doesn't like being called Angie. She's Evangeline and your friend. You know she can kick your ass and never will, because she's that cool. Loving Evangeline is part of nature.
"Oh my God, what is her name?"
"What do you think?"

"Hey Evangeline! How ya doin'?"
"I love you and feel really good. How are you?
by iodine_clumps May 16, 2011
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She lights up the sky. Her heart will only belong to you, even when you are not around. She is very beautiful, and adored and loved by many. She is the queen of the night. So still. So bright. She will always love you, and no one else. She thinks love is beautiful, and wonderful. She lights up the sky.
Person 1: Who is that girl?
Person 2: Take a guess.
Person 1: is she Evangeline?

Person 2: Bingo
by Theoluver September 17, 2013
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An amazing, beautiful person. Brown hair, blue eyes. Tall, with grace and elegance. The bestfriend you could ever have. Caring, loving and truthful. A person you will remember for all your life for her selflessness and her kindness.
She is such an Evangeline.
by eviee:) May 07, 2011
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in the movie the princess and the frog the firefly raymond has a "girlfriend" named evangeline
Raymond: i say goodnight to evangeline every night
Princess thinking: umm thats a star
by purplekitty5773 July 01, 2010
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likes vintage clothing, big boobied, wears ribbons in her hair, very smart and flirty, usally of jewis desent, has maltesermoments
OMG she is wearing an Evangeline

that is so totally evangeline!

maltesermoments evangeline eviie boobs vintage hat
by lolly97 December 05, 2010
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