WorldStar is a social media that has videos (most are of black people) of people fighting, stealing, twerking, and even doing more random shit.
*some fight goes on*

*black people take out their phones and start recording*

by SWAG-7 September 12, 2016
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1. A place where black people are the majority
2. A website that has a bunch of videos of people fighting, twerking, and other random shit
3. A word people yell whenever there is a fight going on or a hot girl is twerking
person 1: bro why u gotta knock up my gf like dat man, u know she's my girl
person 2: fuck u nibba
(fight breaks out)
by Dubiks April 12, 2019
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Hey did you hear about that dude that choked himself to death with his own chain? It was all over Worldstar.
by lordpotato14 October 08, 2019
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The first word that people scream when some really ratchet shit is about to go down. Its probably a fight with tits flying out of tights latex half tops, weaves being pulled off of balled heads, and other ratchet things like this.
Girl, that fights was so good it was a hit on Worldstar!
by KinkyMami May 07, 2020
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the process of getting knocked the fug' out and a bunch of black dudes screaming around you
I got worldstared by Tyrone and a his squad start wylin'
by jbo November 17, 2015
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First thing out someone's mouth when shit is about to go down. Usually shouted when a fight breaks out. Guaranteed to see at least one titty and a KO. Originates from (a popular website that showcases upcoming rappers, latest cultural/world news, butt-nekkid women, many fights, etc.)
Girl 2: *Throws punch*
Guy 1: Oh shit, WORLDSTAR!!!
Girl 1: *Titty flops out*
Girl 2's boyfriend: *KO's the boyfriend of girl 1 with a nasty left hook*
by Guy who loves titties and KO's November 09, 2013
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n - a common saying at FGS used to tell off students for not following COVID guidelines.
"OMG! Andrew is fighting in a room without masks!" I yelled: "Hey guys, worldstar worldstar! Guys stop!"
by GoogoogagaDaBaby April 06, 2021
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