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WorldStar is a social media that has videos (most are of black people) of people fighting, stealing, twerking, and even doing more random shit.
*some fight goes on*

*black people take out their phones and start recording*

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by SWAG-7 September 12, 2016
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First thing out someone's mouth when shit is about to go down. Usually shouted when a fight breaks out. Guaranteed to see at least one titty and a KO. Originates from (a popular website that showcases upcoming rappers, latest cultural/world news, butt-nekkid women, many fights, etc.)
Girl 2: *Throws punch*
Guy 1: Oh shit, WORLDSTAR!!!
Girl 1: *Titty flops out*
Girl 2's boyfriend: *KO's the boyfriend of girl 1 with a nasty left hook*
by Guy who loves titties and KO's November 09, 2013
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When my housemate watches Worldstar, I feel like I am watching a horror-comedy in a packed theater on the Howard campus, but with airhorns.
by Not a Crook March 07, 2018
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The instagram account that post 100 post a day only about black people and sommer ray and are racist.Oh! Wait i forgot people yell it when a fights rolls out
Hey ni🅱🅱a you see that new post on worldstar about xxxtentacaucion

Yeah hows hes talking about smashing drakes mom. Just Nasty vro
by Anonymous but very deadass April 06, 2017
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A World Star is a person who is becoming celebrated, distinguished or popular in arts of entertainment. These are arts such as music, television, production, writing, marketing, modeling or any profession that benefits from mass exposure or popularity. The key to being a World Star is having an unbridled passion and a blind will to succeed in your career choice.
All of that hard work is the main reason he is a world star today.
by WorldStarDude January 07, 2012
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The ultimate pedophile online found on role play servers and wardawgs discord. Generally a virgin white male who's penis has been worked to some anime or role play scene with children. Found lurking the ball pits of McDonald's to smell and molest children. Worldstar is a predator to both boys and girls and should be avoided at all costs to all children.
Woah Worldstar is a pedophile.
by Wardawg2354 May 28, 2018
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