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Similar to a typo, except that an entire word is incorrect. Usually this incorrect word is in itself a correctly spelt word, just not what was meant. Often the result of typing faster than your brain can keep up.
12:04:15 <Dewi> well, this is interesting.
12:04:21 <azure> don't lie dewi
12:04:29 <Dewi> No, really, Indians.
12:04:34 <Dewi> Shit.
12:04:35 <azure> okay.
12:05:37 <Dewi> I meant to say "it is"
12:05:49 <azure> and it came out Indians?
12:05:50 <Dewi> but it came out as Indians.
12:05:54 <azure> man, that's the best wordo i've ever seen
by azure April 07, 2003
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Noun. A person who is weird with words. Someone who phrases things awkwardly.
Awkward person: "Why for you be so short?"

Normal person: "'re such a wordo!" o.O
by Kaedii February 22, 2010
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A gramatical or prononucation error done when speaking.
"Then I runned, on crap thats a wordo, I ran."
by ak_tuxer August 29, 2005
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