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Beautiful brown haired girl! She has a unique and exotic look with curls anyone would die for. She has a funny and spunky personality. Dewi likes a good time and enjoys life the way it should be lived, GLAMOROUS!
I really need to pull a Dewi this semester, I won't get into Stanford doing nothing!
by weezyfbabyhdfyyrr August 06, 2011
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A troll like creature that lives in the Northern regions of Europe, mostly found under bridges or in caverns these creatures spit a pungent acid from their massive foreheads onto any who cross their path. Their diet mostly contains children, star wars memes and also you'r patience. In mating season these creatures will rape just about anything they find, its always mating season. Oh yea and these things always stink of poo.
You never want to come across a Dewi in you'r travels, you will surely regret it.
by MrBookshelf December 19, 2017
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