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Beautiful brown haired girl! She has a unique and exotic look with curls anyone would die for. She has a funny and spunky personality. Dewi likes a good time and enjoys life the way it should be lived, GLAMOROUS!
I really need to pull a Dewi this semester, I won't get into Stanford doing nothing!
by weezyfbabyhdfyyrr August 06, 2011
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The name of an amazing boy. Dewis tend to be very loyal, generous, funny, goofballs and just downright lovely. They will never fail to make you laugh on a bad day, and can always make you feel better. They are very strong and will fight for what they think is right.
"I love Dewi, I wish I were like him."

"Me too, he's wonderful."
by maeyonnaise September 16, 2019
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A chubby Down syndrome named Lewis who is born not able to reach 5 ft tall. Usually has a MILF for a mom
Dewis is just utterly retarded
by Flying Gorilla69 December 10, 2019
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