The act of waking up someone then when they rise up with your erect penis slap them across the face.
by keeferinhurr January 28, 2011
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So a wood pecker is a short girl who so short she is able to suck dick on her standing two feet and she sucks it like when a woodpecker is pecking wood
My boy Fernando had got a girls number she was reall short she could be a wood pecker
by dudeo11 July 23, 2018
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A woodpecker is when a highly skilled slut blows a tiny dick. She moves with such a fast movement it looks like a damn woodpecker.
"Dude, I heard Tommy got woodpeckered by that bitch Alyssa."
by aidanmotos June 08, 2015
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While getting head from a girl tell her to suck you balls. While she's doing that repeatedly smack her in the forehead with you cock.
Ken's mom was sucking my nuts and I gave her a woodpecker. Now she's got my mushroom stamp.
by Spaulding B February 23, 2009
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woodpecker (n). a woman who performs
rapid, hands-free horatio. From the
movement of the bird's head as she hammers
your trunk.
She's a real woodpecker.
by C February 24, 2004
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when you are wearing a hat, and you use the bill to hit people with, while still wearing it. very similiar action to that of a woodpecker bird.
Tony purposely put on his hat so he could annoy the shit out of everyone when he woodpeckered them
by itGurl March 27, 2014
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