a guy with a tiny penis ( a pecker) but it is erected.
man that guy must have a woodpecker after seeing that chick.
by your mothers daddy July 10, 2008
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The act of performing vaginal or anal sex solely using dildo headgear apparatus. For maximum effectiveness, your hands must be tied behind your back while mimicking the habits of a woodpecker.
Last night my girl gushed like a fountain while performing the woodpecker on her!!
by Wolverines53 November 03, 2019
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When you're getting a handy and your kid walks in and says there's a woodpecker in your bed.
Oh my god dad.... There's a woodpecker under your sheets.
by drylipspuckerlips June 23, 2018
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A female that sucks men off well
I met this gyal last night, she was a real woodpecker!

Your girl is a woodpecker!
by BandoBenji June 05, 2020
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When a macerated queer takes a man from behind at the speed of a woodpeckers beak annihilating Oak.
I was limping down for breakfast in the morning due to the night before my arse swallowing a cock that was being thrusted at the rhythmic pace of a woodpecker's beak kissing fresh bark.
by LouieFerook February 03, 2016
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