Wonking is short form of Willy Wonking. Laying around all day and performing most normal daily tasks without getting out of bed, including eating, watching tv, reading, talking, web surfing and sex.
We decided after Willy Wonking it for two straight days to get up and see what the weather was like outside.
by Chadbing September 3, 2012
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The act of purposefully mispronouncing common words and names in a YouTube video in order to generate comments and thus game the algorithm.
Simon Whistler is guilty of wonking in almost every one of his videos.
by MegaTater June 30, 2019
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When you masturbate with the hand you don't use
Jerry: bro, have you tried wonking yet?
Matt: WTF is wonking
Jerry: Left hand lasts longer bro
by axm July 19, 2015
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So he starts telling me about his fratboy days, wonk, wonk, wonk...
by julie bing January 22, 2005
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another term for the male genetalia. (or penis)
If there was a wonk wonk idol, he would win because he has an abnormally large package.
by SceneCat in Florals October 9, 2008
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Horn of Gondor: "Wonk wonk!"

Legolas: "It's the Horn of Gondor!!!!"
by spiridon December 29, 2009
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Wetaskiwin Alberta, Canada. Also known as the biggest shit-hole town ever. If your smart you'll STAY AWAY.
by AnnaliesePatterson April 4, 2011
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