/wɪŋk wɒŋk/ expression: a typo for "wink wink", used to indicate unobvious or upcoming humour
Cool! what's your new video about??
I'll let u know when it's published *wink wonk*
by dumbDefiner September 5, 2020
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Guy: Hey *wink wonk*
Girl: *impressed by his wink wonk* let's go on a date sometime
Guy: *looks at invisible camera* works everytime
by Marvin1718 March 6, 2017
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Max: My mother comes to pick me up in 30 minutes

Deen: Wink Wonk
by purpledeen March 7, 2018
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Wink wonk is primarily used as spam but can also be used to replace random words in a sentence for comedic effect.

It started in a discord server but quickly spread to a few small streams on youtube causing them to gain views but have their chats spammed with wink wonk. It is most popular among the "HeyItsUltra" community, a small {youtuber}.
Commenter: WINK WONK
Youtuber: Damn it these people keep spamming wink wonk in my chat

Bob: I'll wink your wonk *wink*
Joe: Bob that's disgusting
by Agathor747 June 25, 2017
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some bullshit made up by the thot ashleigh wannanananan
"Ashleigh what is to wink wonk? "
"its when you wink and then you wonk"
by lesbian sheep shagger December 1, 2018
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Another term for ones valued member, mostly referring to a mans penis, but can also be used to title a loved or valued individual.
If you're lucky, I will show you my wink wonk.
by Recluse2010 February 5, 2010
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A euphemistic term for sexual intercourse
Olivia: "are you going to get the wink-wonk tonight?"
Josh: "maybe if I'm lucky"
by banterbus from banter ville December 15, 2017
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