Meaning money, dosh, cash, dough, readies, paper, coinage etc

Strange because nobody heard it until it was on TV.
Popularised in 2009 by some random dude on the Envirfone advert. Where you send them your old phone for WONGA!
You can get £50, £100 or maybe even £150!
which helps the environment but doesnt explain how...
-"Got an old mobile phone?"

- "Ancient! So last year!"

-"Want some money for it?"


"Fifty pounds!

A hundred pounds!


by Iliketurtleskid December 10, 2009
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Wonga is another no longer used word for bank loan in the United Kingdom and NASCAR.
Person A : Hey, I'm running low on money for rent could you help me out?

Person B : Why don't you just go get a Wonga?
by givemewonga November 29, 2018
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South African slang for shit/faeces. Can be used interchangeably with the Afrikaans word "kak".
I went to the bathroom but no wonga came out.
by romnewz January 27, 2021
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best word to put into songs ever.
I think it means money.
Breathe underWONGA!

There's a WONGA in the lake.

Woooaho sweet child of WONGA!
by aliceontoast May 24, 2010
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Interchangeable with the word fuck, but means "violent anal rape". Often used in a violent and angry manner.
You: If that guy says one more thing to me, I'm going to wonga the shit out of him.
by navy_nuke August 3, 2010
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