A master at solving problems at an extremely fast pace and with an abnormal efficiency.
-You're sending The Wolf????
--SHEEEEEEEEIIIT NEEEGRO! That's all you had to say!
by MandingoTrump April 19, 2009
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Someone who solves problems. Usually through decisive action, decorum, fast talking and even faster thinking.
The Wolf: So you got a corpse in a car minus a head in the garage...take me to it.
by TommyCee February 14, 2009
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When a womans genital hair is so bushy that when she wears underwear or a swimsuit you can see it curling around the edges of the fabric, maybe even poking thru them.
"Man, that chick needs to tame the wolf! It looks like someone put a thong on the alpha males face!"
by The Dens September 24, 2011
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When you wack off and since your bush is so huge you accidentally jizz in your bush making it sticky. This makes it so when you do it with a girl your pubes stick to hers.
"Dude I totally did The Wolf last night to that black chick."
by smashthepasties September 3, 2014
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used to describe someone with a monobrow/unibrow
Alex: hey wolf wolf
Lewis : i dont have a monobrow anymore
craig : o well you live in the nev
by Craig/Alexander April 3, 2008
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Wild creature, kinda dog~like, gives spine~tingling howls to communicate. There's red wolves & gray wolves. The packs have 6~10 animals. They roam as much as 12 miles per day, looking for food. The Alpha & his mate lead the pack. The other adults care for the pups whilst the hunters are out & about.
I Love the Wolf & it's 1 of my Spirit Animals. I Love their howling So Very Much!
by Starchylde September 2, 2016
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A younger, muscular hairy man with facial hair, predatory by nature, more lean than a bear and more muscular than an otter. Wolfs are often found in the social company of bears and otters.
Tom: Check out that lean, hairy muscle boy!

Pete: Oh yeah! He's a total wolf!
by Wolven Scruff February 22, 2011
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