Using diversity casting to prop up or add cred a poor script or generally bad film.
The Ghostbusters remake was so bad they woke washed it by making it an all female cast.
by ClacksAttack June 24, 2021
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Say, Isn't Drake's "God's plan" music video a bit woke washing? He seems to use his philanthropist-like acts, to promote himself.
by kukilida March 26, 2018
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The act of casting actors in roles based on a politically correct attempt to equally represent every race, color,sexual preferences or creed regardless of actual talent, historical accuracy, or adherence orginal cannon.
Did you see the new Abraham Lincoln movie? They had him as a gay black man and his wife was a Korean muslim....Why do they have to be woke washing everything now!
by Mullet September 5, 2022
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In TV and cinema media, the use of modern the interpretations of social justice and racial intersectionality to justify the changes to an established media product to correct previously "insensitive, racist, or problematic" themes, characters, and/or plot devices; with the end result being that the new product is subjectively more racist and insensitive, destroys established canon of, and is inferior to the original media.
Did you see Gren in that shitty-ass Netflix adaptation?! His character was woke washed to the point of being irrelevant.
by Arisaka December 13, 2021
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The act of dismissing crimes committed by groups whom the woke perceive as historically marginalized. Example? Native Tribes raided, slaughtered, enslaved, & committed genocide toward each other for centuries before Chrissy C showed up. It was constant, merciless, nomadic war.
The woke refuse to celebrate Christopher Columbus day because of the atrocities he committed, and replaced it with Indigenous peoples day. But when you raise the point that tribes committed just as heinous crimes against each other they bury their head in the sand. That's woke-washing.
by Danny Mullan November 9, 2021
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The act of trying to update the image or perception of a product, or service by changing it to include social justice, racial justice, lgbtq and DEI themes (among others) to replace traditional imagery or views that are considered problematic by the progressive left.
Bud Light lost billions in their failed attempt to woke-wash their beer's image by hiring trans-activist Dylan Mulvaney for their new ad campaign.
by Solomon7 July 29, 2023
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