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The act of casting actors in roles based on a politically correct attempt to equally represent every race, color,sexual preferences or creed regardless of actual talent, historical accuracy, or adherence orginal cannon.
Did you see the new Abraham Lincoln movie? They had him as a gay black man and his wife was a Korean muslim....Why do they have to be woke washing everything now!
by Mullet September 5, 2022
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adjective. something that is run down or trashy. similar to ghetto.
Did you see the inside of that bar?
Yeah, it was so trailer.
by Mullet January 30, 2003
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Some sort of term in reference to the female race that may only be obtained by "worthy" individuals with penises.

If you know what it means, please add a definition.
Damn i could go for a sex change to find out what Jihag means right about now.
by Mullet May 2, 2004
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Diamondback keeps IM lists populated with all the "hunneys" he be straight pimpin. He occasionally gets called out and ridiculed on the forums.
"I was straight pimpin this bitch on AIM and she was like "I got a boyfriend! I totally pulled a Diamondback!"
by Mullet December 4, 2003
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1)sumone who you have to explain the most simple thing in the world to(repeat about 3 times..........then give up)

2)a person who looks the word dumbass up in the dictionary

3)a person that admits they are a dumbass
1)umm.........i cant think of anything simple because im a dumbass

2)ppl who look up dumbass are dumbasses!!!!!!!!!

3)im a dumbass!
by Mullet January 30, 2005
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Someone who has no consideration for others, who at will, will just fart and belch in front of others around him and just doesnt care that what he has done is filthy.
The Dirtydog farted in my face as i was eating my dinner.
by Mullet February 17, 2004
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