Florida Slang for the word homie.
It can be heard over 25+ times in King Cids video of his fight against Smooooooth Gio. Dem flawda nigga crazy yeer.
by Rakim Meyers July 7, 2020
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*New Orleans slang meaning associate or friend.
say woe wazup for 2night,?
by KDupree May 8, 2009
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Woe Is Dreadfully Heartbreaking.

It Has Many Meanings Such As
Heartache, distress, sorrow, Extreme Sadness
Its Another Word To Express How Hurt You Are.
The Absence Of Them Puts Me In A State Of Woe
As If I'm In A Void Filled With Nothing But My Tears And Heartbreak.
by Selenophiillee February 16, 2023
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A mixture of the words 'Hoe' and 'Whore'.
by Amzz jonsey November 21, 2014
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The only emotion felt by a Black Kitterz named Neo, and is exclusive to him and his family. While others can be "sad" or "depressed", Neo and his ancestors are the only living organisms able to feel this emotion. Though Science disproves this theory, few still understand the tremendous power of Neo's woe. This is what permits Neo to badass kick the window, sending all that hear it complementing him as a Badass
OH NO! Neo is sooooooooooooo WOE. Y'know?

by Cult of Neo September 13, 2011
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Woe or woes is a term used by the rapper drake that, in Canadian slang means friends or best boes.
This probably isn't right but, ' I been runnin' through the streets wit my woes...'
by rutio September 30, 2015
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A white hoe. Drake coined the term as he is so soft and enjoys the company of white females.
Look at the woe with her blonde hair and pale skin thinkin she's so hot.
You are such a woe.
by HiLunaHi May 15, 2015
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