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When Its Not Your Week To Take A Shower So You Have To Sneak Around To Do It
Secret Shower
person 1 "I'm Going To Go Take A Shower"
person 2 "But Its Not Your Week Its My Week"
person 1 "Fine I'm Just Going To Go Into The Bathroom BUT not To Take A Shower" *wink wink*
person 2 "fine by me"
by Selenophiillee February 18, 2023
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Woe Is Dreadfully Heartbreaking.

It Has Many Meanings Such As
Heartache, distress, sorrow, Extreme Sadness
Its Another Word To Express How Hurt You Are.
The Absence Of Them Puts Me In A State Of Woe
As If I'm In A Void Filled With Nothing But My Tears And Heartbreak.
by Selenophiillee February 16, 2023
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