To Be hanging out or Chilling


To ask someone what is going on
Person 1: What is Woahing Fam
Person 2 : Been Woahing Bro
by Professor_Pot March 22, 2020
a saying to express your excitement, originated from two Palm Desert High students class of '10 Colton and Don; yelled across the quad to attract others attention; used when sexy girls walk by yu to call them towards yu!; the middle woah's O is stressed more.
"Woah WOah Woah, big party big party!!!!!"
"Woah WOah Woah -colton
Woah WOah Woah -jordan (then meet in the middle of the quad)"
"Woah WOah Woah -don
"o dons calling us!!" -sexy girls"
by yeahhbuddy December 24, 2009
A phrase used by the love our life Peter Kavinsky. Used to describe confusion or alarm.
woah woah woah....Zara what did Kyla say?
by Jake1114 September 20, 2018
The Woah is a contagious disease that is caused by the over use of the app TikTok. If you or a loved one is suffering The Woah please see an expert immediately. Woahing can lead to serious problems such as craving yee yee juice, and doing TikTok dances several times a day.
May: Did you know my sister has The Woah?
Alice: Omg is she OK?
May: No she keeps woahing whenever she enters a room, and she keeps dancing!
by memelordzz May 12, 2019
another version of ass or booty
LADY: *stand there with a fat ass
GUY:''Ay baby toot that woah woah
by im.pretty.different(tiktok) October 7, 2019