2nd album by The Beatles, released in 1963.

-SIDE 1-
It Won't Be Long
All I've Got To Do
All My Loving
Don't Bother Me
Little Child
Till There Was You
Please Mister Postman
-SIDE 2-
Roll Over Beethoven
Hold Me Tight
You Really Got A Hold On Me
I Wanna Be Your Man
Devil In Her Heart
Not A Second Time
Money (That's What I Want)
"I really like this song, who made it?"
"It's by The Beatles!"
"Oh, in which album is it?"
"It's in With The Beatles"
by FabFour_03 July 3, 2018
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The divine pantheon of all things Hippie.

Consists of:

- John Lennon: the God of Social Commentary and Hard Drugs

- Paul McCartney: God of Vegetarianism and Strawberries

- George Harrison: the God of Meditation and Sunshine

- Ringo Starr: the God of Peace, Love and Sentient Locomotives

According to the Ancient Hippie Mythology, John Lennon hatched from an egg laid by the Walrus, and guitared the rest of the universe into existence. In an eternal strawberry field, he watered a stereo-box for number-nine days and number-nine nights, until the stereo box hatched, and out climbed Paul McCartney. George Harrison was likewise formed from a drop of sun. But the Band longed for a bloody good drummer. Then, an octopus laid an egg that was hatched under a steam engine, and Ringo Starr was born.

Devout followers of Beatlemania will be rewarded in the afterlife, ferried by Mr. Conductor to the Yellow Submarine, which will take them to their eternal home of Pepperland. Sinners, however, will be rounded up by th *other* Mr. Conductor (Alec Baldwin) and shipped off to the sh*tty TV cartoon's universe to spend eternity in agony.
I was stoned off my ass when I wrote that Urban Dictionary definition for the Beatles.
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A legendary band consisting of George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr(whose real name was Richard Starkey). Their music is well known and well liked.
I decided to listen to the Beatles today. It was a great decision.
by 88888888888888888 May 31, 2013
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A little insect that rocks (beetle+beat -> beatle)
The Beatles will not be reformed as long as John and me would be dead - Mystic Harrison ...
by cytr0n July 9, 2009
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Sixties rock band from England. The most influential and successful music act in history. The Beatles hold the record for the most records ever sold, with 1 billion discs and counting.
by Michelle January 23, 2005
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A band from Liverpool, England in the 60's who were extremely infuential to modern music and "rock and roll."

With hits such as Hey Jude, Yesterday, Day Tripper, Come Together, Yellow Submarine, Blackbird, Sergeant Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band, and countless others, they are idolized and covered more than any other band in history.

Paul, John, Ringo & George - We love you!
I just bought the Abbey Road CD by The Beatles - it r0x0rz j00r b0x0rz.
by Mangledbabyducks May 31, 2003
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Probably the best rock band of all time. And the most successful. With just over 7 years (1962-1970) together, the "Fab Four" created 12 superb studio albums, 28 #1's (UK & US) and a lot of Beatlemaniacs. With all kinds of songs, from I Am The Walrus to Yesterday, Helter Skelter to Norwegian Wood, there is something for everyone. Also they are the freakin Beatles! It's basically a crime to dislike them.
John Lennon: Crab-a-locker fishwife, pornographic priestess, boy you've been a naughty girl you let your knickers down

Person 1: Do you like The Beatles?
Person 2: No
Person 1 has left the chat
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