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Stands For All Cops Are Bastards. But apparently it doesn't mean that... mainly used by trust fund hippies and snowflake who have no idea what they are talking about.
Person 1: Black Lives Matter
Person 2: Yeah, ACAB!
Person 1: No, i'm saying black peoples lives matter just as much as anybody else
Person 2: Yeah! but let's defund the police and have anarchy
Person 1: No, can we just have racial equality
Person 2: No! radical protests and burning cities for all!
by 420,dleimrjkm5mjm dallas texas September 14, 2020
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Probably the best rock band of all time. And the most successful. With just over 7 years (1962-1970) together, the "Fab Four" created 12 superb studio albums, 28 #1's (UK & US) and a lot of Beatlemaniacs. With all kinds of songs, from I Am The Walrus to Yesterday, Helter Skelter to Norwegian Wood, there is something for everyone. Also they are the freakin Beatles! It's basically a crime to dislike them.
John Lennon: Crab-a-locker fishwife, pornographic priestess, boy you've been a naughty girl you let your knickers down

Person 1: Do you like The Beatles?
Person 2: No
Person 1 has left the chat
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A rock 'n' roll band who have been around since 1962. The majority of 'Stones songs are quite simple but you just can't resist dancing to them. In terms of commercial success, they are 2nd to lThe Beatles. The Stones have produced such classics as Jumpin' Jack Flash, Sympathy For The Devil, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, Start Me Up, Rocks Off, Brown Sugar and so many more. Whilst a few people say that musically they are not as talented as some other bands from around that time, there is no denying the Stones can really rock. They will probably last forever, as I am currently writing this, they are on tour.
Person 1: Do you like the Rolling Stones?
Person 2: No
Person 1 has left the chat
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a vagina that is very old, tight and crusty. Due to old age and lots of "boom boom"
Johnny: Should me and Sarah do it mate, i feel ready
Laddy Boi: Nah G she has an ursula i heard
Johnny: *proceeds to gag*
by 420,dleimrjkm5mjm dallas texas December 30, 2018
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