To arrive triumphantly. In the days of delivering freight by horse or mule drawn wagons, the teamsters would often festoon their rigs with ornate bells. If they became stuck or otherwise needed help from another teamster, they had to "pay" the one helping them get out of trouble by giving him or her some of their bells. Therefore, if you arrived at your destination without the help of anyone else, and perhaps even gave aid along the way, you arrived "with bells on."
He was shot at twice and missed once, nearly drownded crossing the crik, lost two horses and had to replace a wheel, but he needed no help and arrived with all his freight and WITH BELLS ON.
by Dobbin Callahan October 10, 2007
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It's basically a way of exagerating the point so people know you really mean what you are saying. See example 1.

It can also be used as a sarcastic response. See example 2.
Example 1

Person 1
"Oi you, Did you shag my mum last night?".
Person 2
Person 1
"ok cool".

Example 2

Person 1
"Oi you, did you file those reports I asked you to do?".
Person 2
person 1
"Will do".
by Dale S April 11, 2008
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In the car business, this means working at the dealership from open to close.
Greg: "Hey Bob, you wanna come out for some drinks tonight after work?"

Bob: "Hell no, I gotta work a bell to bell tomorrow!"

Greg: "HAHA, Sucks to be you!"
by JHop March 07, 2008
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An in-school action that begins at the beginning of class and ends at the dismissal bell of that period.
Todays lecture was so long we didn't have time to finish the movie. It was totally bell to bell.

Our teacher wasn't even in the class so Jamie and i made out bell to bell.
by venicekid October 01, 2009
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When Paintless Dent Repair is performed so badly that the area where the dent was is left all lumpy, prickled-up, and generally looks like a case of vehicular herpes afterwards. Typically done either by a new, inexperienced dent technician, or by a long-time dent technician that just doesn't give a shit any more.
Sorry sir, but the tech that worked on that dent already Belled it so bad that it's going to need a body shop now.
by A better dent guy than you September 24, 2018
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The sweetest yet quietest girl you will meet. She has a complex vocabulary, and academic level, but can act completely stupid. She may seem like a mysterious girl but once you get to know her you world will be lit up because she looks so perfect standing right before you. If you ever meet a Belle make sure you don't let her go.
Guy 1: Dude I met this girl Belle today.

Guy 2: No way really
Guy 1: Yeah she and I are solid

Guy 2: Save some of the action for me!
by That_penguin_lol February 03, 2017
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When a girl says they are interested in you, but aren't ready, and makes you wait a few months. At the end of the few months they decide that you are more of a friend than a dating object.
"I was sure we would be dating by now but I think I got Belled"
"She said she wasn't ready 2 months ago... I think I got Belled"
by Phantom373 May 30, 2013
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