A female gamer who enjoys playing games and regularly does so. Female gamers vary widely between the extremes of 'casual' and 'hardcore' gaming, and may be interested in any genre or type of game. They may have a particular game that they specialize in, or may play a variety of different games.

Girl gamers are most often noticed in FPS games as they're rarer there, rather than in MMOGs where there are many female players.

Girl gamers may also pretend to be male in order to avoid comments about their gender while gaming, which can make girl gamers seem even rarer. Girl gamers may also be difficult to notice outside of a game, as girl gamers often talk about things besides games while they're not playing them.

Girl gamer can also refer to any girl who plays games that are though to be more popular with males, for example Dungeons and Dragons.
I'm a girl gamer who's rather bored with the misconceptions about us.
by Iridosmine November 21, 2006
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a causual or hardcore gamer who is a girl. very rare number of them, havent fonud any hardcore gamer chicks, jsut a few casual. a hardcore gamer girl, i agree, can feel inferior, cuz she isnt accepted by the hardcore guy gamers as easily. but that doesnt mean she has to win, the depends on how competitve a person is, which can go for guys too. so usually a hardcore gamer chick has much stronger beliefs cuz she has to prove herself so much more to be accepted as a hardcore gamer. and they do NOT all have battle cries. it all depends on how competitive u r and how u act. so the defintion above is off by a lot abut the personality. hardcore gamer chicks, game on!
a girl gamer....me, i just specialize in oldschool butwill play almost anything.
by GrimReaper476 October 20, 2006
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What are you talking about? No girls exist on the internet.
Girl gamer - As real as bigfoot.
G= Guy.
I= In.
R= Real.
L= Life.
And that is a girl gamer.
by Wasser. November 30, 2006
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A rare species of female which makes up less than .02% of the population. Under most circumstances an uggo or is really fat.

There is an even rarer subsect of girl gamer which is actually somewhat good looking to average (rating 6.0 and above). This group makes up less than 15% of the girl gamer population.

This is one predominant form of girl gamer in their society: the male gamer masquerading as a girl gamer. They make up over 33% of the population.

The girl gamer usually has an inferiority complex and will try like mad to kill you in her game of choice, but can't because of her inferior fingers. Confront with caution, as a girl gamer is able to let out a battlecry which will attract all the pitiful nerds to her position to attack you verbally.

Another note of caution is this: if you find a "girl gamer" who is willing to cyber with you, it is probably a man using a female alias in order to masturbate to your replies.
I was playing CS and there was this "girl gamer". I witnessed a rather amusing mating ritual in which 10 nerds surrounded her, protecting this "female" from opposing fire.
by Jimmy April 16, 2005
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A Girl Gamer is the female version of the ultimate Gamer.
While most people believe that the Girl Gamer is a Mythical creature, they can often be found glued to their xbox during the winter (hybernation) period.
It is commonly believed that most Girl Gamers are ugly or fat or guys but this is not always the case.
Girl Gamers are known to be just as foul mouthed (if not worse) than the average Gamer, and regularly threaten to murder anyone who ruins a perfect K/D ratio.
Girl Gamers are a rare and magnificent species, and those that do exist are feared by the Guy Gamers.
Two Girl Gamers in their natural habitat...

Sammy: "AAAAAARGGHH!!!! You bastard!!!"
Jade: (laughing) "What happened?"
Sammy: "Some little shit just quickscoped me!!! I'm gonna hunt him down and murder his whole family!!!!"
by sambammxo October 28, 2013
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It is important to know the difference between a Girl Gamer and a girl who plays games. A Girl Gamer is the chick that goes on voice chat on Halo, Call of Duty etc. to act all ditzy and flirty. She takes slutty pictures with a game controller, but cannot list all the Nintendo consoles in chronological order. In short = FAKE. See also: attention whore.

A girl who plays games will play like any ordinary male gamer. She enjoys every genre of game under the sun, not just mainstream multiplayer games, and will sometimes hide her gender and play as a male in games such as WoW that require an avatar. She is not necessarily ugly, either, after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Stacy: "Single Girl Gamer looking to play with hot guys"
Lulu: "Have you finished Twilight Princess?"
Stacy: "No, because I hate Edward Cullen! Tee-hee!"
Lulu: "Fake."
by Chaotic Good Half Elf Mage September 30, 2011
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A Girl Gamer is a Girl that plays as much videogames as a Gamer.

While most people believe Girl Gamer = 'not good looking' as being not that good looking this is more a stereotype than anything else, and more or less a value judgement.

Also note that Girl Gamers are not just videogames, but any type, whether they be board, Pen & Paper RPGs, or Collectible Card Games

Girl Gamer's are a rare species, and those that do exist are hunted to extinction by the Guy Gamers.
Here we see the Girl Gamer in one of her natural habitat, an internet cafe playing a rousing round of Team Fortress 2. We see the male of the species sit next to her starting up TF2, clearly trying to gain her attention.

Male Gamer: "So are you seeing anyone?"
by Necronner June 02, 2008
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